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Integrated Genomics

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Founded in 1997, Chicago-based Integrated Genomics specializes in research in microbial genomics, biochemistry, and gene expression. Our scientists have broad experience in both in silico and wet lab sequencing, research and development with more than 100 relevant publications in these areas. Integrated Genomics has particularly long-standing relationships and active research in the area of lactic acid bacteria and pathogenic microbes, as well as a broad customer base across industry, academic and government institutions.

Integrated Genomics’ products and services are based on ERGO™, our web-based genome analysis platform. ERGO™ integrates proprietary functional genomic data, metabolic reconstructions, expression profiling, and biochemical and microbiological data with publicly available information. Focused on microbial genomics, ERGO™ provides better and faster identification of gene function across all organisms.


CHICAGO, IL 60612-3547 USA
Phone 312-491-0846
Fax 312-491-0856

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday from 9 a.m to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time.